What is Conscious Dating?

Do you want to find the love of your life but find that you’re scared and confused, afraid of failure and perplexed about how to succeed?

Conscious Dating® assists you in finding your lifetime partner by providing you a road map so you are able to go where you genuinely want and need to be.

In Conscious Dating® you will discover how to avoid the many pitfalls and traps that can hold you back in your journey to find your lifetime partner. You will learn effective principles, tools, strategies, and information you can use to find the life and relationship that you really want.

Conscious Dating® is an entire eco-system of products, services, and experiences which include:

Everything you need to be supported in your journey to find lasting love with the love of your life.



Why Conscious Dating?

There are more single people today than ever in history — 101 million in the U.S., 46% of the adult population (37.5 million/28% in 1970)

  • Over 25% of households are single occupant households (17% in 1970)
  • 53% of households are married couples (70% in 1970
  • The marriage rate is decreasing, and is at its lowest in 30 years
  • The divorce rate has remained stable since 1988
  • While the exact divorce rate is a matter of debate, experts agree that somewhere between 40 and 60% of all marriages will end in divorce, and that for every marriage there is about one divorce   [more…]

The Ten Principles of Conscious Dating

  1. Know who you are and what you want. Like an iceberg, we are typically aware only of the tip, while our success and happiness depends upon what lies below the surface.
  2. Learn how to get what you want. Assess the information, tools, and skills you will need and acquire them. Develop creative strategies and action plans. “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
  3. Be the “Chooser.” Take initiative and responsibility for your outcomes. Don’t react to what, or who, chooses you. Seek to create what you want in your life.   [more…]

The Fourteen Dating Traps

A “dating trap” is an unconscious relationship choice that results in an unsolvable problem in a relationship. Getting out of the trap often means leaving the relationship.

When you’re single, by practicing Conscious Dating® you can do a lot more than you realize to avoid these traps and prepare for a lasting and successful relationship.

1. Marketing Trap. You believe that you need to make yourself more appealing to attract and ‘sell’ yourself with an attractive packaging and presentation.

When you fall into the Marketing Trap, you fear that nobody wants you as you really are. By marketing’ yourself, you risk disappointment and relationship failure. So when the excitement and promise of the ‘sizzle’ conflicts with the reality of the ‘steak’, one or both of you are left feeling disappointed and angry.   [more…]