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Worked for me! If you want to find the love of your life, and are prepared to do the necessary work, then buy this book. Forget the other ‘dating’ books – this one really works! This complete ‘how-to’ manual will change your life – AND that of the future love- of-your-life who is waiting for you to find them!
Jeanette Ball, NSW, Australia
First Place winner of 2007 Conscious Dating Success Story of the Year Contest


Conscious Dating should be a prerequisite for all singles looking for a partner and all who have come from broken relationships or marriages. The information is invaluable. filled with great exercises, it keeps the reader so interested you do not want to put the book down.
~ Alexi B. Toronto, Canada

I am completely enjoying, applying, and achieving good results
from what I’m learning in Conscious Dating. You and your team are wizards in relationships and true gifts to us singles in today’s world.”
Susan Race, Exton, PA


When I bought the book Conscious Dating I was trying to find out why, as someone who has very functional, strong and long lasting relationships with family and friends, I always made the wrong choices when it came to partners. Well, I got my answers … I also learned that, unlike what I believed, relationships are mostly about YOU and not so much about OTHERS. Then I joined the network and haven’t missed one tele-seminar or tele-clinic. Thank you David and Frankie!!! Singles, join this network and start counting your blessings!
~Paula Voss, Pompano Beach, FL
Ginny Contento
I LOOOOVE this book!
I cannot thank you enough for how much it has helped me. I’m so much more clear and confident. I just wish I’d read this book 25 years ago!
~Ginny Contento, Redwood City, CA

I just love this book, it makes so much sense to me. I am looking for my life partner and now I have a good tool to help me find him. I just ordered a book for a friend. Thanks so much.
–Elaine Kurtanich, Carnegie, PA

Conscious Dating is MUST HAVE for singles. It is a complete, bullet-proof guide to finding your life partner that gives hope and clear step by step instructions of what to do and what not to do.If you do the exercises in this book you will be successful. Thanks to Conscious Dating, no-one needs to be alone, unhappy or hopeless anymore.
–Hilde Weimann, Bowie, MD

Conscious Dating teaches that you don’t have to struggle as a single. It doesn’t have to be so “hard.” This book helps you to be proud of being single, what you can accomplish, and the gift you are to the world. You are not alone in making relationship choices. Conscious Dating is a powerful resource, and I encourage all singles to read it, use it – and live life fully!
–Denver Hudson, Terre Haute, IN

Conscious Dating is the most enlightened book on the topic of dating that I have come across. It really takes a lot of the mystery out of why relationships work and don’t work! This book lays everything out to help singles find their life partner and avoid relationship failure, pain and agony. Conscious Dating helped me develop clarity about relationships and the importance of getting my requirements met. The audio CD has also been helpful to listen to in the car as a reinforcement of the principles of the book to give me more confidence for dating. Between the book and the CD, quite frankly, I loved Conscious Dating!
–Joseph Dunn, Rockville, MD

A masterwork! This wonderful book is jargon-free and chock-full of practical, hands-on information that readers can use to make their dating experience the best ever. Valuable information, clearly presented, and with exercises at the end of each chapter that result in a workable Conscious Dating Plan that readers can use and refine over and over again.
— George Polley, Seattle, WA

Believe it or not, I actually have a waiting list of friends (and friends of friends) who want to read my copy of Conscious Dating! I finished reading it in just a few days and starting sharing your ideas with a few of my closest friends who immediately understood the value of your insight and wisdom. I speak for all of us when I say THANK YOU!
S. Sorensen, Seattle WA

Conscious Dating gave me the information I needed to get on the right track for dating. Your book has been great for me and I have already recommended it to four other friends.
–Johnna Goodwin, Waterford, MI

Conscious Dating is the best book on dating that I have ever read. I can hardly put it down! As a minister I am going to recommend it highly to the singles that I know in our community. I wish my wife and I could have had this 20 years ago before we married. I believe it would have helped us so much. This book can help singles assess their dating readiness and plot a course that is healthy and redemptive to any context.
— Jeffrey R. Burns, M.Div., Raleigh, NC

Conscious Dating is well written, very practical, and quite comprehensive. The questions and the worksheets make the book both engaging and interactive. The reviews provide an important step in reinforcing learnings. Thanks for writing this book! It’s a godsend!
Cecile Adams, Savannah, GA

I love your Conscious Dating book! It has helped me do alot of soul searching and is helping me to change my life.
Vickie Griffith, San Antonio, TX

David has really hit a home run with this book. He gets right into what needs to be said to singles about the reality of dating in the modern world. His stories and illustrations are just fantastic! Can’t wait to see what he may come up with next!
Jim Green, Blacktown, NSW, Australia

Comments From Relationship Experts

In Conscious Dating, David Steele provides a new concept for dating and insightful advice, effective exercises and useful illustrations that will help anyone who uses them make their journey to love successful. We recommend this book to anyone looking for love.
Harville Hendrix, Ph. D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph. D., co-authors of Receiving Love: Transform Your Relationship by Letting Yourself Be Loved


Unconscious dating can lead to disaster. Given the serious effect of relationships gone awry, Conscious Dating is a must-read for singles who want to make better relationship choices. David Steele provides sound guidance and practical advice for today’s singles.
Pat Love, Ed.D. Author, The Truth About Love and Hot Monogamy


David Steele has made a significant contribution to the world of relationships by mapping two previously foreign countries- consciousness and dating, bringing them together at last in this customized guide. Packed with practical strategies that really work, Conscious Dating is THE book for helping singles navigate the dating world.
Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, authors of Conscious Loving and the new Spirit-Centered Relationships


This book is filled with practical strategies that work. Packed with solid advice, assessments and exercises, as well as interesting stories, Conscious Dating is a book that will completely change the way singles view dating and relating. A must-read for anyone who wants to create his or her next great relationship.
–Eve Eschner Hogan, Author of Intellectual Foreplay and How to Love Your Marriage


Seeking to find the partner of your dreams can be a bruising process. In Conscious Dating, David Steele teaches you ALL you need to know to find a partner with whom to live a full life, starting NOW! This is the not-to-be missed book for every single who wants to find the love of your life.
–Bonnie Bernell, Ed.D, Author of Bountiful Women: Large Women’s Secrets for Living the Life They Desire and the new Bountiful Women in Love: Love, Sex and Relationships at Every Size.


Conscious Dating gives readers a comprehensive overview, specific skills, and total reassurance that having personal “Requirements” is realistic and should not be compromised. This book is like having a pilot’s check-sheet, used before takeoff, giving daters an opportunity to check all systems before taking off into the heretofore mysterious and dangerous world of dating. I bought two advance copies for my psychotherapy office to lend to people. I’ve been receiving constant rave reviews from all borrowers, who also exhibit increased confidence and wisdom in their dating lives. Thank you, David, for writing such a comprehensive and helpful book!
Ilene L. Dillon, MFT, LCSW, Marin County, CA

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Outstanding Book; Terrific Balance Between High Concept and Practical Techinque

This is the book the dating world has been waiting for. A book that really asks you to answer the simple question – ‘what are you looking for in a relationship?’ Then the book takes you through helpful tips and insights to help you discover and anchor those needs, wants and requirements.

Many other dating/relationship books fall into two categories – simple tips/tricks to get dates, or inner search material that’s so high minded you’re still left a little confused.

After reading this book, men and women alike should be able to assess where they are in their relationship life-stage (recreational dating, in the midst of a ‘mini-marriage,’ looking for a life partner), and be clear on what they need and seek from a partner – now and in the future.

While the book has a section on approaching potential partners, detailed support material in this area (scripted approaching techniques, field-tested ice breakers, etc.) are probably best left to relationship coaches, done through sites like mine and others.

What this book will provide is a foundational framework to ensure future relationship success.

February 7, 2006

Excellent Tips for Conscious Dating

Conscious Dating is filled with excellent tips and advice for consciously choosing a partner. It takes you through the process step by step. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to step out of their old dating and relationship patterns and find their life partner.

February 13, 2006
– Deborah Miller

Fabulous book for singles and instructors, coaches and therapists who work with singles

David Steele is the master of ‘telling it like it is’ when it comes to what works for today’s single men and women. You can disagree with what he suggests, but if you take his ideas to heart and use them in your life, I am certain you will find yourself in a happier, more lasting relationship next time around.

I’ve found his strategies invaluable – personally and professionally. Personally, I’m not quite ready to date yet, having recently ended a long term relationship. However, his book confirmed and normalized that as well as offered a path for me to follow for now that I can live with! Professionally I am definitely using this material to reach out to singles who are open to this type of practical information and I’m already seeing positive results in my clients.

February 13, 2006
– Barb Elgin, MSW, LCSW-C “Coach Sappho” (Central Florida)

Psychotherapists, Take Note!

David Steele’s Conscious Dating has the depth and coverage you’d expect from years of research and work with the topic. Having obtained an advanced copy due to David’s appearance on my Internet radio broadcast, I was so excited about it that I purchased extra copies to share with my private practice clients.

Everything works better with a system–and this book does system, all leading readers to consciously conduct their search for their mate. His section on “Requirements,” exercises to get to know yourself and your requirements better, and warm and supportive understanding of what we all can go through, make this a very valuable adjunct to relationships therapy with singles. There is value on every page.

Alone for over 18 years, I gave up on dating after 8 fruitless years! If only I had been able to purchanse Conscious Dating then! Thanks, David, for your careful, caring work. Ilene

February 13, 2006
– Ilene L. Dillon, M.S.W. (S. F. Bay Area, California)

If you’re dating or thinking about dating, this is a “Must Have!”

David Steele has written what ought to become a benchmark in its field. Practical, proactive, easy-to-read and jargon free, David Steele helps his readers learn how to identify the kind of people they want to be with, how to weed out bad matches before asking for or accepting a date, and how to become really, really CLEAR about the kind of life partner relationship they want to grow.

This is a book that I recommend to all of my clients who are dating or planning on dating at some time in the future. You can tell that David Steele, MA, founder of the Relationship Coaching Institute is a relationship coach, because he’s darned good at it.

If you don’t have this book, buy it; you’ll be happy that you did.

February 15, 2006
– George Polley, MSW, LICSW (Seattle)

It’s not what the author says so much as how he says it.

This book contains two absolutely marvelous concepts that really grabbed me. The big one was “Be The Chooser.” It’s not a new idea, but it was phrased in a way that helped me understand, very simply and solidly, exactly what it means to be proactive in looking for a good relationship. Another one was the clear explanation of the difference between dating for relationship practice, dating to find a life partner, and the big mistake of “dating to mate.” and how to tell which you’re doing and which you should be doing.

Other than that, this book isn’t all THAT new and different. After all, there aren’t many relationship books that have something genuinely new to say. But it is approachable, accessible, and totally reassuring, which is a huge plus in a universe of how-to-find-love books that start with the assumption that if you’re still single, there’s something wrong with you that needs to be fixed. Thank goodness for a book that starts with the assumption that it’s perfectly fine not to be racing down the aisle with the first likely suspect.

February 19, 2006
– Sheaffer Waterman

David Steele has a winner here!

Hooray for David Steele! It’s about time we learned that the most important person to please in a dating relationship is ourselves. Terrific voice and wonderful guidance as he explains how to determine your non-negotiables en route to finding the person you really want–and deserve!

February 23, 2006
-MMR (Arlington, VA)

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Best book I’ve read on dating EVER!

David writes in such simple, friendly, totally clear form what no other book on relationships does so precisely… And I have read a lot of them! As a coach who specializes in working with couples to save their marriage or to go through their separation/divorce as peacefully as possible for the sake of the children, I have seen how many people did not know the information and skills within this book before they chose their marriage partner. I am truly impressed with it. Highly recommended! I believe that this book will help to reduce the divorce rate because people will finally know how to date and mate conscioulsy. Buy it, read it, and change your life!

February 24, 2006
-Sharon Shenker (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)