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David Steele is a pioneer in the field of Relationship Coaching for singles and couples. A licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience, he is founder of Relationship Coaching Institute and the creative force behind Relationship Coaching Network.

Steele is the author of the popular, ground-breaking Conscious Dating Relationship Success Program For Singles, a structured, step-by-step workshop and coaching program that has helped thousands of singles to “find the love of your life and the life that you love,” and Conscious Mating, a powerful and innovative program that helps pre-committed and pre-marital couples create sustainable, fulfilling life partnerships. The author has trained hundreds of helping professionals worldwide to help singles and couples using his programs and models of Relationship Coaching.

David truly has a passion for helping singles and couples have successful life partnerships. Since experiencing his parents’ divorce as a child, and his own two divorces as an adult, he has spent his personal and professional life attempting to figure out the mystery of how relationships fail and succeed.

As a couples therapist for many years, the author became disillusioned and frustrated with the poor success rate of marital therapy with couples in trouble. He questioned the effectiveness of working within a culture that professed to highly value marriage and family, but seemed to prioritize working on relationships only when they were on the verge of divorce, which seemed like a set-up for failure.

In 1997 David was surprised to discover the developing field of Life and Personal Coaching, a new helping profession that evolved independently from psychotherapy and mental health, originating from business consulting, sports psychology, and the personal growth movement. After first viewing this new profession with skepticism, the author became sold on personal coaching after volunteering as a practice client for a friend, and later pursuing training himself. He found coaching to be a powerful and empowering method for helping people achieve their goals, and he became passionate about applying coaching to relationships.

After discovering that no model existed for Relationship Coaching, David developed a five stage model of Relationship Coaching (Readiness, Attraction, Pre-Commitment, Coupling, and Bliss) and set about creating coaching tools and concepts for each stage. As a therapist, it had never occurred to the author to help singles, but as a coach it became obvious that helping singles to learn about relationships and to make good relationship choices held the key to preventing divorce and promoting sustainable, fulfilling life partnerships. In researching and piloting programs for singles, David found them to be a highly receptive and motivated audience who were seeking an effective alternative to flirting workshops, “find the perfect mate” self-help books, the local singles scene, and entrepreneurial services that most singles seem to intuitively distrust.

Conscious Dating® is the result of over 20 years of well-earned personal and professional lessons in what does and doesn’t work in relationships, and eight years of innovating and testing effective approaches for helping singles to “find the love of your life and the life that you love.”


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David Steele is a California-based Marriage and Family Therapist who is a pioneer in the application of personal or life coaching to relationships for singles and couples. He is the founder of Relationship Coaching Institute, the first and largest international relationship coach training organization, and author of the ground-breaking book for singles “Conscious Dating: Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life That You Love,” now in it’s second edition. If you’re single and seeking your life partner, this is the only book you need! Twice divorced and the father of 3 children (including twin boys) in 2008 David met and married his soul mate and has finally achieved the relationship fulfillment that is his mission to bring to the world.

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