Everything You Need to Know About Conscious Dating in 5 Minutes

Yup, here’s a 5 minute video that tells you everything you need to know about Conscious Dating in 5 minutes. Should be required viewing for all singles. Enjoy!   Like this? Please share with your single friends and family members! Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin share via Reddit Tweet about it Bookmark in Browser […]

Free recorded program- Using Conscious Dating to Find Your Soul Mate

Are “Soul Mates” real? In this outstanding program David and Darlene Steele share intimately about their own soul mate experience and provide specific strategies for using Conscious Dating to find your soul mate (47 min) This program covers- What is a soul mate? Are soul mates real? What’s the difference between a “Life Partner” and […]

Ask David Anything – Two Year Anniversary Follow Up

This month, we check in with David and Darlene Steele. David, the founder of the Relationship Coaching Institute, met Darlene three years ago. They were engaged in 6 weeks and then married 8 months later in September 2008. Flash forward two years later as we check in with the happy couple to ask them still […]

I’d Rather be Single than Settle!

To get what you really want, you must say “No” to what you don’t want. Simple, but not easy. I’ve settled for less than I really wanted many times in my life, and each time my awareness of just how much of myself I gave up to accept that “OK” job, buy that “OK” car, […]

Ask David Anything! David Steele Reveals All About His Relationship

Questions submitted by the members of Relationship Coaching Institute- 1. How long was it before you had sex with Darlene? Wow … not wasting time getting to the juicy stuff! For Conscious Daters, more important than "how long" is "at what point in the relationship?" I’m happy to report that I practiced what I preach […]