Radical Dating webTV Series Launches Sept 2017

September 2017 Official Press Release for Radical Dating show launch *** For Immediate Release*** YourTango presents new web series for GenX and Boomer singles “Radical Dating: Finding Lasting Love Over 40” Created by award-winning filmmaker Betsy Chasse (What The Bleep Do We Know?!, Song of the New Earth, Pregnant In America) and featuring a team […]

Single by Choice

44% of U.S. adults are single, and 27% of adults live alone. (Source- census.gov) If this trend continues, soon, the majority of our population will be single. Here at Relationship Coaching Institute we have a positive attitude about most aspects of human experience, including our slogan that Being Single is an Opportunity, Not a Disease! […]

Fun Video Interview with Conscious Dating Author David Steele

Fun video interview about Conscious Dating conducted on Google Hangouts with Kat Richter of DatingWebsites.org Topics covered in this short interview include- David’s 3-word epiphany that changed his life The two biggest questions singles ask over and over Does online dating work? How one of David’s most challenging coaching clients found their soulmate     […]

Everything You Need to Know About Conscious Dating in 5 Minutes

Yup, here’s a 5 minute video that tells you everything you need to know about Conscious Dating in 5 minutes. Should be required viewing for all singles. Enjoy!   Like this? Please share with your single friends and family members! Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin share via Reddit Tweet about it Bookmark in Browser […]

New! Free Conscious Dating App

We’re excited to announce that we have just published our first app! MyDatingCoach, a free Conscious Dating app for singles is now live for Apple and Android devices. It’s free, with great stuff for singles such as audio and video programs, Conscious Dating tips and strategies, access to our comprehensive Conscious Dating Knowledge Bank, and […]

Free recorded program- Using Conscious Dating to Find Your Soul Mate

Are “Soul Mates” real? In this outstanding program David and Darlene Steele share intimately about their own soul mate experience and provide specific strategies for using Conscious Dating to find your soul mate (47 min) This program covers- What is a soul mate? Are soul mates real? What’s the difference between a “Life Partner” and […]

Be The Chooser: How to Get What You Really Want in Your Life

By David Steele “We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.” — Khalil Gibran Our life works and can be full of joy when we make effectivechoices. Our life can be full of sorrow if we make ineffective choices. Chooser vs. Victim As a child, choices were made for me and I […]

Relationship Research Findings for Conscious Dating

by David Steele In July 2005, the National Marriage Project of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, released their annual “State of Our Unions” report for 2005. You will find some key findings from this report below. Here is what I would like you to know: The marriage rate continues to decline The cohabitation […]

What Is Commitment in Relationships?

by David Steele The question of when a relationship is committed is a source of much confusion and debate. We live in a time when the marriage rate is going down, the co-habitation rate is going up, and the majority of first-born children are now born to unmarried parents. In this article I hope to […]

Attachment Vs. Love: Is There a Difference?

By David Steele This month our Director of Singles Programs, Lynne Michelson asked our coaches: “A common problem that occurs for singles is the experience of a relationship ending but the feelings continuing for many months or longer with resulting sensations of emptiness and loss They know perhaps the relationship was not healthy, or that […]