Three Keys to Making Conscious Choices in Dating

By David Steele

In this first month of a new year I’d like to declare this the ‘Year of Conscious Choices.’ Our planet would work so much better if all choices were conscious.

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What does it mean to be ‘Conscious?’

To illustrate, I propose the following three levels of consciousness:

1. Unconscious
(awake but unaware)

This is when you forget where you put your keys, leave the headlights on and are surprised by a dead battery, drive past your freeway exit, etc. You’re simply not paying attention.

If life is like an iceberg, when we’re unconscious we crash and sink before we see it.

2. Semi-conscious (aware of what’s in front of you)

This is when you’re sure you know what’s what. We believe that our stories (beliefs, interpretations, etc) and sensory perceptions (see, hear, feel, etc) are true and correct.

If life is like an iceberg, when we’re semi-conscious we’re aware of the iceberg and truly believe we know how to avoid it, then crash and sink because it’s larger than we thought.

3. Conscious (aware of the big picture)

This is when we humbly understand that ‘you don’t know what you don’t know,’ and realize that there may be more to a situation than we can see or understand at the time. We are aware of our goal and do our best to learn more about the situation and examine our options to make the best possible choice.

If life is like an iceberg, when we’re conscious we realize that we need to know more about what’s under the surface before making our choices about how to proceed.

Three Keys to Making Conscious Choices

1. Be clear about who you are and what you want

What’s the purpose of your life? What is your Vision for your life, work, and relationships? What are your requirements, needs, and wants in any situation?

Strive to lower the waterline on the iceberg that is your
Self to achieve the clarity you need to be motivated and empowered.

2. Stay focused on what’s important to you- don’t settle for less

Most people ‘lead lives of quiet desperation.’ They want to be happy, but don’t know how and don’t think it’s possible. However, the Law of Attraction can work for you or against you, and if you expect less, you’ll get less.

Go after what you really want in your life and assume you
can find the choices needed to be successful if you’re looking for them.

3. Be supportable- with enough help you can do anything!

We’re human, and no-one is successful alone. We need to be conscious of our support needs and proactively seek to get them met.

Continually ask yourself what help you need and who can help you.

Wishing you a healthy, happy, conscious New Year.