Single by Choice

44% of U.S. adults are single, and 27% of adults live alone. (Source- If this trend continues, soon, the majority of our population will be single.

Here at Relationship Coaching Institute we have a positive attitude about most aspects of human experience, including our slogan that Being Single is an Opportunity, Not a Disease!

But not all singles are alike, they come in different flavors such as-

1. Temporarily Single- actively seeking a partner and in between relationships

2. Recently Divorced/Widowed- recovering from loss and not ready for a relationship

3. Frustrated Single- wants a partner, not able to find one and gives up

4. Passive Single- wants a relationship but not actively seeking a partner

5. Single But Not Available- self-perception of being single and desires a lasting relationship,
but “hooking up” to get needs met

6. Busy/Distracted Single- absorbed in being a single parent, career, school, etc and doesn’t
have time or desire for partner

7. Single by Choice- no desire for a partner, being single is a conscious permanent lifestyle choice
for many reasons, including-

    • “Been there, done that, don’t want to do it again”
    • “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”
    • Ascetic or other religious/spiritual reason
    • Loner
    • Values independence more than couplehood
    • Polyamory/alternative lifestyle that doesn’t lend itself to cohabitation
    • Celibate/asexual
    • Financial reasons
    • Aging
    • Health

If you’re single, which are you?

If you’re a coach for singles, how do you help the different types?

Here’s the recording of a stimulating panel discussion of guest experts exploring the (apparently) complex world of being single in today’s world. Enjoy!

Guest Panelists for this Program
Marcela VeronMarcela Veron
Soulful Love Intuitive
Cary ValentineCary Valentine
Relationship Coach
tereasajonesTereasa Jones, MS
ADHD Relationship Coach
Dr Karin FlodstromKarin Flodstrom, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Catherine GarrettCatherine Garrett
Transformational Life Coach
Rosemary (Rosie) HirstRosemary (Rosie) Hirst
Life/Relationship Coach



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