Radical Dating webTV Series Launches Sept 2017

September 2017 Official Press Release for Radical Dating show launch

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YourTango presents new web series for GenX and Boomer singles
“Radical Dating: Finding Lasting Love Over 40”

Created by award-winning filmmaker Betsy Chasse (What The Bleep Do We Know?!, Song of the New Earth, Pregnant In America) and featuring a team of relationship coaches including Relationship Coaching Institute founder and pioneer in the field of relationship coaching, David Steele, who created the Radical Dating® coaching program used in the show.

Radical Dating: Finding Lasting Love Over 40 is a groundbreaking new series that follows five 40+-aged singles (three women and two men) as they explore why they are still single and learn how to find lasting love.

Betsy Chasse, Executive Producer

“Creating a show following real singles as they examine their own lives, beliefs and reasons love hasn’t found them yet was challenging and rewarding. It’s rare to have people willing to be so authentic as they expose their truth about why love hasn’t worked for them and what they can do to change that.” Says show creator Betsy Chasse. “So far our trailers and teasers have generate almost 150,000 views, so I know the topic is timely and relatable.”

The 10-part series launches September 26th on YourTango and Youtube. Watch the trailer below and here.

35% of U.S. adults over 40 are single and most are frustrated with dating as they try to find someone with whom they can build a life. Radical Dating: Finding Lasting Love Over 40 shatters the myths about dating and inspires women and men to more successfully find and create the lasting love they really want.

Join the film making team as they follow three single women and two men (one of whom is gay) over the age of 40 as these five participants work with a team of certified relationship coaches to discover who they are, what they really want, and endeavor to find lasting love.

Andrea Miller, CEO YourTango

“We were excited to support this project given how tough it is for people to find and create lasting love—especially as they get older the dating pool shrinks and typically have less time to dedicate to dating. We hope that viewers of the series will see themselves in these five brave participants’ experiences and are able to glean plenty of take aways from the advice and encouragement they are given, enabling them to bring more love and happiness into their own lives,” states Andrea Miller, CEO & Founder of YourTango and author of Radical Acceptance: The Secret to Happy, Lasting Love.

These are real singles with real dating and relationship challenges who consent to share their unscripted dating journeys on camera. This is the real deal and there are no promises or guarantees of success. Our goal for this series is for viewers to experience tremendous learning and inspiration as they follow each episode to uncover the keys to finding true happiness in love, relationships and life.

David Steele, creator of Radical Dating

“The rules for dating have clearly changed, but we don’t know what the new rules are. We want happy, fulfilling relationships, yet we don’t know how to make them happen. It makes sense to me that relationship success starts when you’re single. The choices you make when you’re single determine the outcome of your relationship. We want to find and grow old with the love of our life. Yet when we’re single and dating, we often don’t believe it’s possible or realistic and make choices that sabotage getting what we really want. In my experience, the disconnect between what we really want, and how we date, is the biggest problem in dating today that this show will address.” states David Steele, MA, MFT, CPC, founder of Relationship Coaching Institute, Author of Conscious Dating, and creator of the Radical Dating® coaching program.

In each episode, we explore ways to expand viewers’ understanding of who they are, what they want and ways to clear the blocks that are holding them back from finding lasting love. The cast of clients and coaches are honest and authentic as they allow the cameras in on their most vulnerable moments. Some succeed, others do not and the audience goes along for the emotional, inspiring, entertaining ride. In addition to the episodes, each week viewers are provided quizzes, work sheets and tasks they can do to help them find the love of their life. Each week Facebook live conversations about what participants learned so far will be aired, where the audience is invited to ask questions, share their own experiences with the goal of many more of us finding and keeping love.

For More information Contact: Betsy Chasse betsy@betsychasse.net

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