Conscious Dating

If you are single and and seeking the love of your life, this is the only book you need!

“Conscious Dating is the most enlightened book on the topic of dating for singles that I have come across.”
Joseph Dunn, Rockville, MD

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Advanced Conscious Dating Strategies Audio Package

These audio programs are recorded from our live tele-seminars and include the MP3 audio file for playing on your computer, MP3 player (iPod or other), or burning onto a CD, AND a complete written transcript for following along and making notes. If you’re serious about Finding the Love of your life, investing in these advanced strategies will give you what you need. The package includes:

  • Program #1 — Practical Strategies for the First Three Dates
  • Program #2 — Being The Chooser
  • Program #3 — Ten Steps for Finding Your Soul Mate
  • Program #4 — Conscious Dating: How to Connect to Your Life Vision
  • Program #5 — Conscious Dating for Boomers: Finding Love After 50
  • Program #6 — Scouting: Where to Find Your Soul Mate
  • Program #7 — Advanced Strategies for Sorting, Screening, and Testing
  • Program #8 — Conscious Internet Dating: Using Your Computer to
    Find Your Soul Mate
  • Program #9 — Conscious Dating at a Distance: What to Do When
    You’re Attracted to Someone 1200 Miles Away