Conscious Mating


(Coming soon!) The successful outcome of Conscious Dating is a single becoming a couple.

When singles become couples in today’s world they commonly desire lasting commitment and at the same time are aware of the high failure rate of relationships. These couples are exclusive, but not yet committed- a “pre-commitment” stage of relationship where they are asking themselves “Is this the right relationship for me?”

This “pre-commitment” stage of relationship is almost u niversal, yet is largely unrecognized by relationship experts, research, literature, helping professionals, and the couples themselves. These couples often decide to live together as the next step in their relationship seeking to “test” their long-term compatibility, yet the failure rate of cohabitation is far higher than committed relationships, so they are increasing rather than minimizing their risk

Table of Contents


Chapter One: What is Commitment?

Chapter Two: Defining and Describing Pre-commitment

Chapter Three: Overview of Conscious Dating

Chapter Four: Transitioning From Single to Couple

Chapter Five: Should We Live Together?

Chapter Six: Going With the Flow

Chapter Seven: Relationship History and Patterns

Chapter Eight: Personality and Compatibility

Chapter Nine: Sharing Your Vision

Chapter Ten: Identify and Address Relationship

Chapter Eleven: Deciding “Is this The

Chapter Twelve: When You Must Say Goodbye

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Conscious Mating for Pre-committed Couples

And then… Conscious Commitment

Following “Conscious Mating,” this book will complete the series by providing real-world tools and strategies for helping committed couples build a successful and fulfilling life partnership.