Attachment Vs. Love: Is There a Difference?

By David Steele This month our Director of Singles Programs, Lynne Michelson asked our coaches: “A common problem that occurs for singles is the experience of a relationship ending but the feelings continuing for many months or longer with resulting sensations of emptiness and loss They know perhaps the relationship was not healthy, or that […]

The Sex Trap: Confusing Sex and Love

By David Steele As I had my morning coffee, the “Dear Abby” column caught my eye. A reader wrote in with a dating dilemma and ended her letter with that often-heard stereotype that “Women use sex to get love, and men use love to get sex.” This is a great summation of the “Sex Trap.” […]

What You Believe, You Can Achieve

by David Steele Our reality and results are largely determined by our beliefs and attitudes. Attitudes are internal beliefs that create your experience of yourself, others, and life; the way you see things and your internal state of “being” that are largely self-fulfilling; they WILL be true because you believe them and allow them to […]

The Packaging Trap

By David Steele She’s so hot!” “He’s a hunk!” “Men/Women are only after one thing.” “Why can’t men/women see past my body/bank account?” Women commonly dislike being evaluated or pursued by men solely for their physical attractiveness, and men commonly dislike being evaluated or pursued by women for their job or money. When we don’t […]

She/He’s Hot! Now What? How to Use the Rule of Three for Conscious Dating

By David Steele The “Rule of Three” has many incarnations and applications, as a cursory Google search will reveal. In the area of relationships, you may have heard that the “third time is the charm,” and while that has certainly been true for me, I’m not recommending getting divorced twice to find your life partner. […]

Double Your Romance with One-Way Dates

By David Steele Over time, couples can easily develop routines that become ruts and it seems like romance goes out the window. Does this sound familiar? Partner #1: “What do you want to do?” Partner #2: “I don’t know, what do YOU want to do?” Then they end up doing pretty much the same thing […]

Three Keys to Making Conscious Choices in Dating

By David Steele In this first month of a new year I’d like to declare this the ‘Year of Conscious Choices.’ Our planet would work so much better if all choices were conscious. (Note: see below for free Making Conscious Choices audio program.) What does it mean to be ‘Conscious?’ To illustrate, I propose the […]

Wooing vs. Courtship

By David Steele As I spread the word about conscious dating and conscious relationships I’m amazed that not everyone agrees with me. I’m learning that for some singles “conscious” is a turnoff. OK, it’s just a word, so if Conscious Dating doesn’t work let’s use another one to get our point across. How about “Courtship?” […]

Frustrated with Internet Dating? Top Five Ways to Find Your Mate Without a Computer

In a new trend, singles are becoming increasingly disillusioned with internet dating and seeking alternatives. In spite of millions of singles using the internet and the promises and success stories of online matchmaking websites, I’ve heard the same thing over and over from singles across the country who are frustrated with internet dating- “It’s great […]

Instant Dating: How to Get a Date Within 24 Hours

As the holidays approach I get many inquiries from singles who don’t want to be lonely while their family and friends are cozily spending quality time together. These singles don’t want to be alone during the holidays, they want to have fun with someone! So I got creative. If you’re single and want to have […]